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  1. Read rules & tips (or know them well!).

  2. Upload file(s).

  3. Enter download URL(s).

  4. "Report new Upload" (button).

  5. Done. Upload will be tested by the team and released soon.
Rules & tips:

Please read carefully:

FAQ 1u - What are the rules for adding a new upload?

FAQ 3u - How to report a new upload to the User-Uploads?

Show NFO/uploadlog input mask
Name of upload:
Exact search string

"PET SHOP BOYS - ultimate (2010)" will be "Pet Shop Boys - Ultimate (2010)"
"Xxiv" will be "XXIV"

Adapt year:
"Interpret - Year - Album"or
"Interpret - (Year) - Album"or
"Interpret - [Year] - Album"
will be
"Interpret - Album (Year)"

Please enter in this format only:
for albums (one Interpret): Interpret - Album (Allowed Infos) (Release Year)
for compilations (several Interprets, without VA):
Album (Allowed Infos) (Release Year)

Also see FAQ 3u - Name of upload

  (No downloadlinks!)

Formatting tags must not overlap!



cool :-( :smile: :hmm: :snief: :D :-) :rauch:

Compulsory: Add
- for charts, maxis, albums or compilations a tracklist in text form and
- for flac-audio the content of the audiochecker logfile!
Appreciated: Add
- for mp3-audio the bitrate it is coded with and, if deviating, the internal one.
(All of that could be placed in the following NFO field instead.)

You can also insert pictures, see FAQ 5u - May I include pictures / covers?

  (No downloadlinks!)
If available, insert the content of an .nfo-file here.
Genre: In order that the genre can be detected by the genre search, it has to be listed inside
the Description or NFO field like Genre: Genre (experimental!).
Download URL(s):

Mirror 1 URL(s)
Mirror 2 URL(s)
Backup URL(s)
Enter your download link(s) here.
In case you have mirrors [alternative Download URL(s)], enter these in the mirror fields.
Please do not enter the part 2 of your primary upload in a mirror field, but instead click:

(In case of a multi-part upload, just simply add input fields.)
Attention: Insert all URLs with "http://".
Public name: (Max. 15 characters.)
Free choice of an uploader name to be displayed on the download page (optional).
Permitted characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, + (plus), _ (underline), - (hyphen) and space.
Contact (board):
Your CannaPower board nickname to contact you, if something is wrong with your upload (optional, not shown to the public - only visible for moderators. Don't enter an email address!).
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